What is WOSL?

WOSL is a national organization of women who have served overseas in or with the Armed Forces. American women who had served overseas with the military forces during World War One founded WOSL in 1921.

WOSL’s Mission and Purpose

  • To keep alive and develop the spirit that prompted overseas service.
  • To maintain the ties of comradeship born of that service, and to assist and further any patriotic work.
  • To inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation.
  • To work for the welfare of the armed services.
  • To assist, in any way in our power, the men and women who served and were wounded or incapacitated in the service of their country.
  • To foster and promote friendship and understanding between the United States and all other nations of the world.

Who are WOSL Members?

The members of WOSL encompass a broad spectrum of skills and careers. They represent all branches of the armed forces, government and social service agencies that provide support services for the military.  All WOSL members have had at least one assignment in a foreign country during or following a war or other military action.

What Does WOSL Do?

WOSL provides support to veteran oriented service projects

WOSL Scholarships

Women’s Overseas Service League sponsors a scholarship program for women seeking higher education or training in public service fields.